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Why Zip?
Zip is B2B spend simplified. We invented the leading Intake-to-Procure solution to bring a consumer experience to B2B purchasing for your requestors, your procurement team, your internal stakeholders, and your finance organization all in one easy to use tool.
Reduce Rogue Spend
Automate Cross-Functional Approvals
Increase Employee Adoption
Easy integration to your CLM, ERP, P2P
Shorter Cycle Times
Minimize Risk
We’re Building the Future of B2B Spend
The World’s leading Intake-to-Procure solution to bring a consumer-grade user experience to B2B purchasing.

Pre-built connectors to the systems that matter

Zip integrates with most task management and ticketing systems, including JIRA, ServiceNow, Zendesk, and others, as well as leading CLMs like Ironclad, and major GRC solutions. Enable stakeholders to keep using their own tools & launch in less than 6 weeks.

One place for teams to collaborate on vendor approvals

Zip automatically routes requests to finance, IT, data, security, legal, and other teams, based on the type of purchase, the questions answered, and the user's cost center. Procurement teams know exactly where things are held up and can make live changes to any workflow in progress.

An effortless intake-to-procure system for employees

Easily configure your intake to guide employees and automatically loop in the correct stakeholders. Zero training needed as Zip asks employees just the right questions automatically, based on previous answers. Once the request is created, Zip gives everyone a clear view of exactly where their request is in the process.

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“Zip is an easy tool for any Procurement Team to improve their processes”

“Zip has been wonderful from the start with a launch in under a month. The support from Zip is quick and they really listen to recommendations on ways to improve the tool. I now have a place to easily manage vendors and PRs with visibility across my entire organization.”

Karen H.
VP of Global Procurement

Source: Capterra


“We manage all approvals across our company in Zip”

“My experience with Zip has been great. From a 3 week implementation to their responsiveness on Slack anytime we have a question or issue. I love the Slack integration, clean experience, and that I can administer the system without needing IT at all.”

Victor C.
Finance Manager

Source: Capterra

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